Solanum Trilobatum Powder (Thuthuvalai )

Solanum Trilobatum Powder (Thuthuvalai )

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Solanum Trilobatum Powder 

(Thuthuvalai ) :

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Malayalam        :  putharichunda, putricunta, puttacunta, tudavalam, tutavalam
Telugu                :  alarkapathram, alarkapatramu, kondavuchinta, moondlamoosteh, mullamuste
Botanical           :  Solanum trilobatum
This herb is a thorny creeper grown in bushes.Thuthuvalai can be planted in dry land with minimal rainfall. Collect seeds from farmer, plant some seeds in a pot, let it grow for 30 cm and then plant those in your garden. You can grow this also in a pot. People grow this plant in their own farm, garden, home for their regular use as home remedy for treating coughs, cold, etc and for various recipes in day-today food intake.We are aware of this excellent benefits of this wonderful herb. Yet the people live in metropolitan cities are unaware of this herb and spend more money towards allopathy treatments and suffered with lot of side effects.
Thuthuvalai Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits:
The need for the man for his luxurious life made him backed up with an elevated number of diseases. Nature has plenty of its resources for the wellness of human being. we will not suffer if we don’t disturb the natural food web. Nature still helps us if we impart them the place to survive!.
“Only a mother will give her best to her child despite her suffering.” Adding to the list of nature’s gift, medicinal plants is of prior concern. Thuthuvalai is a remarkable herb that helps the human, animal as well the environment. The botanical name of Thuthuvalai plant is Solanum Trilobatum. It is a thorny creeper found in the moist places predominantly in south America, brazil, Sri Lanka,south India. It has bluish white flower. It grows as a climbing under shrub.This is thuthuvalai medicinal benefits thoothuvalai keerai herbal value uses for common diseases. Solanum Trilobatum is also known as Thoodhuvalai in Tamil. thoothuvalai health benefits are more in ayurveda. This medicinal herb leaves and flower (poo) is commonly used for treating cold, cough and acute asthma. From the ancient period this thoothuvalai keerai herb is used by roasting in oil or pure ghee and making a powder or it. In some therapies the leaves of the plant are dried and ground into powder. Most common recipes prepared using this Tamil mooligai plant are thuthuvalai candy, dosai, chutney, leaf juice, rasam, thuvaiyal,  soup etc. Ladies can take this herbal plant recipes weekly once during pregnancy. Here are some of the medicinal uses of this herbTamil                   :  Thoodhuvalai 
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