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 People are raving about this tart little berry as an all-star food, and with good reason. Cranberries contain a powerful cocktail of plant chemicals like flavonoids and phenolic acids that are being investigated for their role as antioxidants in the body.Consumer interest in cranberries has increased over the past decade due to its proposed health-promoting effects, giving cranberry the status of a functional food. The most well-known application of  cranberry and cranberry products is in the maintenance of urinary tract health.

Cranberries and Health Benefits :

1.  Iron, 2.  Fibre, 3.   Calcium, 4.  Cobalamin, 5.    Magnesium, 6.   
Antioxidants, 7.   Natural sugar, 8.    Vitamin A, B, C-6, K and D.

According to a study, cranberries contain just 4 grams of natural sugar, which is even lower than most of the fruits. This fruit comes with a tart flavour.

Also, drinking Cranberry juice helps to fight the urinary infection in the body by fighting against the bacteria and protects the infections related to the digestion issues and infections.

Not only that, but these varies help to prevent the plaque formation and protect against bacteria that results in tooth cavity. It does prevent the formation of the cavities.

The berries are generally a high source of vitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin C and various phenolics such as lutein and other minerals like manganese and potassium.

The list of benefits is long – prevention of urinary tract infection, gum disease, stomach ulcers, heart disease, cancer and other diseases. New research is being conducted daily.

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