Bilva/vilva Leaf Powder ( Vilva Ilai )

Bilva/vilva Leaf Powder ( Vilva Ilai )

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Bilva/vilva Leaf Powder ( Vilva Ilai ) :

Botanical Name         : Aegle Marmelos
English Name               : Bael
Tamil Name                   : வில்வம் / Vilvam
Hindi Name                    : बेल / बेल  श्रीफल  / बिल / बीले / बेलगिरी / बेल / Bael/ Bael Sripal/ Beel/ Beeley/ Beelgiri/ Bel/
Malayalam Name    : വിൽവം /  vilvam
Telugu Name                : బిల్వ / బిల్వ-పండు / బిల్వచేట్టు / బిల్వము / మల్లారం / మేలురము / మారేడు / Bilva/ Bilva-pandu/ Bilvachettu/ Bilvamu/ Maluramu/ Maraedu.
Bael contains chemicals called tannins, which help treat diarrhea by reducing swelling inflammation.
Indiveda Bilva Leaf Powder is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, Vitamin B, and many other bio-chemical substances
Bilva Leaf supports intestinal biological formulations and helps to protects the digestive system
Bael Patra leaves supports you to overcome the problems of urinary disorders.
Vilva (in Tamil) is a sacred tree and for many Indians the word Vilva will bring the image of lord Shiva in their mind.
Hypertension can be reduced by boiling a cup of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of dried bilva powder leaves, cool and strain the solution and consume it three times a day.
Eating a combination of ripe bilva fruit pulp, sugar and Honey (shahad) regularly after dinner for 40 days is useful in the early stages of tuberculosis.
To increase the appetite, take a teaspoon of dried and powdered bilva leaves for 3 days the result can be seen.
For elimination of intestinal worms take 5 grams of dried and powdered pulp of the bilva fruit 2 times a day.
To heal hemorrhoids, crush an unripe bilva fruit along with 1 teaspoon each of dried ginger and fennel. Soak this mixture in four cups of water and drink 3 to 4 times a day.
Consume a cup of ripe bilva fruit mixed with jaggery once a day for 2 to 3 months will heal constipation and indigestion. (can take almost 70 grams a day)
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