Pistachios (Pista)

Pistachios (Pista)

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Health benefits of Pistachios in a

nutshell :

1. Heart-Friendly, 2. May Help in Weight Loss, 3. Promotes Healthy Gut, 4. Rich in Antioxidants, 5.Promotes Eye Health 6. Boosts the Immune System.

Pistachio nuts are getting a lot of press these days. Not only are they the lowest calorie of the nuts, but they are nutrient-rich. Pistachios (Pistacia vera ) is a delicious nut ( or seed ) that grows on the tree of the same name. Botanically speaking, it is a member of the cashew family. They are a good source of the number of compounds like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibers, etc. and the presence of these compounds make pistachios very beneficial for us as they provide numerous health and beauty benefits. In this article, we will know about the major health and beauty benefits of pistachios. Pistachios, like most nuts, offer special health benefits. Adding nuts to your meal plan is a delicious way to fuel your body and age gracefully. If pistachio nuts arent the best snack food out there, they are certainly on a shortlist. Pistachio benefits include protein, vitamins, minerals, and more.

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Benefits of PistachioMany dietary fibersEssential fatty acidsCardiovascular HealthSkinHealthy weightReduce the risk of eye diseasesDigestionSource of magnesiumStress reduction professionalsAphrodisiacAnemiaDiuretic effectPositive effects on cardiovascular healthPistachios balance the nervous systemAntioxidantsLosing WeightAgainst diabetesImprovement of visionLaxativesAphrodisiac effectCancer-inhibiting effectPrevent neurodegenerative diseasesEffective against anemia.
The high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids in pistachios lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels, therefore, balancing lipids. Pistachios contain good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acids, which are essential for the brain development of the baby.

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