Black Palm Jaggery

Black Palm Jaggery

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Palm Jaggery Online:

Black Palm Jaggery Online, Buy palm jaggery online from online, Buy palm jaggery ( karupatti ) online at premium quality and lowest price shop India. We are selling through online black palm jaggery online all over India. Benefits of adding Palm Jaggery to your daily coffee and tea. Karupatti has rich calcium content and blood purifying properties. Our ancestors have used karupatti widely considering its medicinal properties. Even the coffee made with this karupatti that would taste better even without milk.

Health Benefits Of Palm Jaggery:

The palm jaggery benefits for health are:
1. Highly Nutritious, 2. Ultimate Cleanser, 3. Nourishes Skin, 4. Improves Digestion, 5. Boosts Energy  6. Effective During Pregnancy, 7. Palm Jaggery Reduces Weight, 8. Relieves Menstrual Cramps, 9. Treats Cold And Cough, 10. Eases Joint Pain, 11. Heals Migraine, 12 Effective During Pregnancy, 13.  Maintain Blood Pressure.
Palm tree by products especially palm jaggery is the Rich source of calcium and minerals.
Daily intake of Palm jaggery in your food will Restores an healthy digestion process
Palm Jaggery or Panan vellam Increases haemoglobin level and contains high anti oxidants
Due to its rich nutritional source.  Natural energy booster present in the Palm Jaggery.
Intake of Palm jaggery will help in Relieving constipation and Helps in weight loss.

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