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Strawberries provide a range of potential benefits and can support the body’s defences against a variety of diseases. There are more than 600 varieties of strawberry. With the colder months almost here when this fruit will be available in plenty.

Health Benefits of Strawberries:

Improved regulation of blood sugar is a health benefit that appears more and more likely based on the findings from recent studies on strawberry consumption. Especially following consumption of a meal, researchers are finding better regulation of insulin and blood sugar levels in connection with strawberry intake. Strawberries contain numerous anti-aging flavonoid antioxidants, including anthocyanin and catechin, in addition to many others, that are associated with lowering the risk for chronic diseases, including cancer, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.
  * Strawberries are great teeth whiteners
  * Strawberry is a great enhancer for your beauty regime
  * Also Potassium, present in strawberries helps significantly lower the blood pressure levels in people.

Helps burn stored fat:
The red colouring contains anthocyanins; they stimulate the burning of stored fat.  There was reduced weight gain in animals fed a high-fat diet. – Research, The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
Boost short term memory:
The anthocyanins boost short-term memory by 100 % in eight weeks. – The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
 Low Calories – High Fiber:
ne cup contains only 49 calories.
Eases Inflammation:

By lowering blood levels of C-reactive protein a signal of inflammation in the body. In a study, women who ate 16 or more strawberries per week were 14 percent less likely to have elevated levels of Research at the Harvard School of Public Health.
Lower cardiovascular disease:

 Flavonoids which are responsible for the colour and flavour of the strawberry have been found to help.
Promotes bone health:

    They contain potassium, vitamin K, and magnesium which are important for bone health.
Prevent oesophageal cancer:

Studies indicate the potential of freeze-dried strawberry powder for preventing human oesophageal cancer.
Anti-aging properties:

Filled with have biotin, which helps build strong hair and nails. Also contains the antioxidant ellagic acid, which protects the elastic fibers in our skin to prevent sagging.
Good for weight loss:
The compound nitrate found in a strawberry promotes blood flow and oxygen in our body helps with weight loss.
Promotes eye health:
Eating three or more servings of fruit like this may lower the risk of macular degeneration.  – Study in Archives of Ophthalmology.

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