Sambar Powder

Sambar Powder

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Sambar Powder:

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Health Benefits sambar

But nothing comes to close to fresh, homemade masala. Health Benefits: Sambar powder is a concoction of digestive and medicinal spices and protein-rich lentils. It is a very mild condiment used to spice sambar, curries, and stews that make up South Indian cuisine.
Sambar is reflective of a broad and ancient tradition of lentil-based vegetable stews in southern India. In regions that grow coconuts, notably some areas of Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Sambar is made with a paste of fresh, grated and roasted coconuts and spices, instead of sambar powder.
In Andhra Pradesh, it is called as Pappu chaaru. Apart from dal and tamarind, vegetables used in preparing is few. Vegetables are onions, dosakaaya, bitter gourd and tomatoes.
Sambar without lentils (but with vegetables, or dried or fresh fish) is called kuzhambu in Tamil Nadu.
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