Sabja Seeds (Basil Seeds)

Sabja Seeds (Basil Seeds)

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Sabja Seeds(Basil Seeds):

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Basil Seeds Is Called:

Hindi     -     Sabja, Tukmaria
Kannada     -     Kama Kasturi, Sajjagida
Marathi     -     Sabja, Marva
Tamil     -     Tulasi vitaikal
Telugu     -     Bhutulsi
Urdu     -     Sabjaa.

Health Benefits Of Sabja Seeds:

Sabja is very low on calories making it the most desired ingredient for those on weight loss diet. Though rich on carbs, these little seeds provide high amount of protein, fibre and other necessary nutrients. Calcium and magnesium are essential for your bone health and muscle function, while the iron is vital for red blood cell production.These seeds are used in making falooda, sherbet, milkshakes and other popular health drinks. It is known worldwide as one of the ingredients for sweet Asian drinks. However, like Chia seeds, it is comparatively less tasty.

Helps in Weight Loss.

Reduces Body Heat.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels.

Relieves Constipation and Bloating.

Treats Acidity and Heartburn.

For Healthy Skin and Hair.

Cures Cough and Flu.

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