Inknut (Haritaki Powder)

Inknut (Haritaki Powder)

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Inknut (Haritaki Powder)

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Uses for Haritaki
People use haritaki to promote healing from a number of conditions ranging from sore throat to allergies, as well as to improve digestive issues such as constipation and indigestion. In ayurveda, haritaki is said to support the vata dosha.Kadukkai Podi is the best multipurpose herb in Ayurveda. It is Tamil word for the fruit of the Terminalia chebula tree.Take about three to six grams of harad powder and boil it in water. You can buy this powder at any Ayurvedic store.Once the water comes to a rolling boil, decant the solution.Add one teaspoon of honey to the mix.Have this mixture every morning, preferably on an empty stomach.Kadukka - Terminalia chebula, commonly known as black- or chebulic myrobalan. Kadukka or Hard whole is an oblong shaped, brown coloured fruit from a moderate tree which is used in traditional medicines. In Hindi language, it called by the name 'Haritaki' and is being used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than 4000 years.
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