Hibiscus Powder (Semparuthi Poo )

Hibiscus Powder (Semparuthi Poo )

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Hibiscus Powder :

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Botanical Name    : HibiscusEnglish Name       : HibiscusTamil Name          : செம்பருத்தி பூ / semparuthi flowerHindi Name          : गुड़हल फूल / Chemparutti-povaMalayalam Name : ചെമ്പരത്തി പൂവ് / Gurhal phoolTelugu Name        : జవాపుష్పము / Javapushpamu
About Semparuthi Flower (Hibiscus flower):-
Hibiscus often be come national/state flowers. The flower usually has five petals. Hibiscus comes in many colors like white to pink, red, purple and yellow.hibiscus plant, a member of the mallow family.Hibiscus powder is also known as jaswand, and is used in Ayurvedic medicine to stimulate thicker hair growth and to prevent premature graying.Hibiscus is a genus of plants with a flower of bright colors. It grows mostly in the tropics, but some b 

8 Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

Packed With Antioxidants. Share on Pinterest. ...May Help Lower Blood Pressure. ...May Help Lower Blood Fat Levels. ...May Boost Liver Health. ...Could Promote Weight Loss. ...Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer. ...Could Help Fight Bacteria. ...Flavorful and Easy to Make.
emove 2 teaspoons of the dry mask (dry ingredients) to a small bowl or plate and add just enough yogurt and aloe vera gel to form a thick paste.You can start with 1/4 teaspoon of each. Spread over your face.Let dry for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
Speaking of kidneys, hibiscus appears to be a good friend to the entire urinary tract.
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