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 The production of fenugreek in India is marked by its dominant position in world production and export. Within India, Rajasthan accounts for its largest cropped area and production. The fenugreek plant is an annual herbaceous forage legume with aroma, which is used for food in the form of its seeds as spices, and its leaves as a vegetable. It is also used as a medicinal herb in several Ayurvedic formulations for the treatment of dry skin, boils, hair loss and so forth

Fenugreeks seed or pulse is used as a spice and its leaves used as a herb, and also as an admixture in condiments and to flavour food. Its pods and leaves are used as vegetables, as the leaves are rich in protein, minerals and Vitamin C.[2][10]
In North India and Punjab, fresh fenugreek leaf is used in culinary dishes. In its dried form, it is used like any other spice. The seed is also sprouted and used.[4] Various health benefits are claimed for fenugreek.[2][12][3] The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia has reported fenugreeks' usefulness as a demulcent and to reduce the level of blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Its reported use is also as an adjuvant in therapies for diabetes mellitus, anorexia, and high cholesterol. It can also be used as a mild antiseptic, as confirmed by the German Commission
Method 1 Eating Soaked Fenugreek Seeds
Pour warm water on 1 cup (240 ml) of fenugreek seeds. First, place the seeds in a bowl or other container. ...Allow the seeds to soak overnight. ...Filter out excess water from the seeds. ...Eat the seeds on an empty stomach to aid weight loss.
Fenugreek contains natural expectorant properties ideal for treating sinus and lung congestion, and loosens & removes excess mucus and phlegm. More info fenugreek.wiki
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