Cynodon Dactylon Powder ( Arugampul )

Cynodon Dactylon Powder ( Arugampul )

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Cynodon Dactylon Powder

( Arugampul ) :

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Bermuda grass, Cynodon dactylon, Dgrass, Dhoob,Dubo, Dogtooth grass, Bahama grass, couch grass, Indian doab, Arugampul, Grama and Scutch grass.Cynodon dactylon is native to eastern Africa and prefers moist and warm climates with high light. You can see Arugampul in sports field popularly. Arugampul |  Durva Grass does not get damaged quickly and also regrow even if it is damaged, it is popularly used in sports grounds. It has high heat and drought tolerance. Hence Durva grass is preferred over other grasses.It helps the body help itself by optimising the immune system. so it is act prevention of disease.Arugampul powder is used to remove the unwanted fats in our body and purifies bloodIt cures gastric problem and nerve problemsFor long dated skin disease take a handful of bermuda grass and a small piece of turmeric and grind to smoothe paste and apply this mixture in that area.To get rid of body weekness and body heat take a mixture of bemuda grass and cow butter for 20 to 48 days. Your face too will look glow.Good for diabetic patients. Drink bermuda grass juice daily morning in empty stomach. Your sugar level will come down.
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