Akasa Garudan Kilangu

Akasa Garudan Kilangu

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Akasa Garudan Kilangu (Raw) :

Tamil Name                   :  Akasa Garudan Kilangu Hindi Name                    : Salampanja, SalamMalayalam Name   : Garudan KilanguTelugu Name                :  Garudan Kilangu
About Akasa Garudan Kilangu:-

It is a natural root that grows without dependency on water, soil or sunlight.
This is placed near the entrance of a home or in your living room or your workplace to invite abundance. When placed in the southwest corner of dwelling it enhances support and stability in personal and professional life.You may place the akasha garden root on a platform or use the attached thread hanging to hang this from the hook.
Tubers are used predominantly to bring down the sugar level in the blood, to clean wounds, to reduce obesity and to cure skin eruptions. Akash Garuda is also known for its curative properties in case of diarrhea, bronchial complaints, rheumatism, urinary problems, and general debility
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