Jersey Cows Ghee

Jersey Cows Ghee

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jersey cow ghee:

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Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is commonly ... tends to vary with the dish; for example, ghee prepared from cows milk (Bengali: গাওয়া ঘী, gaoa ghi) is traditional ..... International Dairy Journal.

Here are top 10 best ghee brands in India:

Milkfood. ...
Healthaid. ...
Madhusudan. ...
Verka. ...
Gopaljee Ananda. ...
Nestle Everyday. ...
Britannia. ...
Amul. Topping the list of best ghee brands in India is Amul, which has the tag line of “The Taste of India” and lives up to this name with its amazing taste, texture and quality.
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